Non-Governmental Organisations

OING Conf (2008) OJ 3

Conference of INGOs

Agenda of the meeting of Wednesday 25 June

9.30 am – 1 pm, Room G03, Agora Building

1. Opening of the meeting by the Chair, Annelise Oeschger

2. Agenda [OING Conf (2008) OJ3]: for adoption

3. Report of the meeting of 15 April 2008 [OING Conf (2008) CR2] for approval

4. Results of the European Youth survey in the framework of the “Building a Europe and with Children” campaign (Jenny Schuler, member of the Bureau) : for information

5. Reorganisation of the structures and working methods of the Conference of INGOs: for exchange of views and adoption

6. Appointment of the Verification and Dispute Committee

7. Civil society and local and regional democracy

      a. Participation of the Conference of INGOs at the Plenary Session of the Council of Europe’s Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Strasbourg, 29 May 2008: for information

      b. Council of Europe Strategy on Innovation and Good Governance at Local level: participation of the Conference of INGOs at the stakeholders’ platform, Strasbourg, 26 June 2008 (Anne-Marie Chavanon, FIHUAT): for information and exchange of views

8. Civil society and fundamental rights: co-operation with the European Union

      a. Relations with the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency: for information and exchange of views

      b. Presentation of the guide to the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights (Marie-JosÚ Schmitt, AEH)

9. Draft Guiding Principles on “Extreme poverty and human rights: the rights of the poor” of the United Nations Human Rights Council: for discussion and adoption of a recommendation

Link to the draft report of the Human Rights Council (English version)
Link to the draft report of the Human Rights Council (Russian version)

10. INGO Conference support for the voluntary sector – proposed reference text: for discussion and adoption (Olivier Flury) (

11. 3-year framework programme for strengthening civil society and citizen participation in the Russian Federation: for exchange of views and INGO action

12. 2nd Forum on Civic Partnership for Citizenship and Human Rights Education, Strasbourg, 9-10 October 2008: for discussion (Alain Mouchoux) (link in French only)

13. INGO Conference activities in member states: for information

14. Other business

15. Date of the next meeting