Strasbourg 10 March 2010

ON 26 JANUARY 2010

The Sustainable Territorial Development Committee, meeting in the Palais de l’Europe on 26 January 2010 with Anne-Marie Chavanon in the chair,

1. Adopted the agenda [CONF/TER(2010)OJ1] unamended.

2. Adopted the synopsis of the meeting of 30 September 2009 [CONF/TER(2009)SYN4] unamended.

3. Officially launched International Year of Biodiversity for the Council of Europe NGOs.

4. Debate on “biodiversity, a vital challenge for humanity”

In preparation for the European Day of Biodiversity organised by the Conference of INGOs, in co-operation with the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities on 28 April 2010, debated with the speakers on the following themes :

5. Unanimously adopted the draft Joint Declaration “Acting together for biodiversity, preservation of natural biotopes and combating climate change”, presented by Edith Wenger, with a few minor changes.

6. Work of the committee

6.1 Organisation of European Biodiversity Day, 28 April 2010

6.2 Organisation of action in favour of threatened horse breeds

exchanged views with Noël Orsat (CITI) on the possibilities for organising this event, a corollary of the technical conference. Despite the undoubted interest of the operation as presented and the intensive work conducted, it was agreed, at the Chair’s request, that organising this operation would be subject to outside legal and financial provision, as the committee was unable to shoulder responsibility for it.

6.3 Participation in the work of the various pillars

took note of the participants’ reports, which were included in the files, on:

7. Next meeting: European Biodiversity Day on 28 April 2010 would replace the meeting during the spring session.