Non-Governmental Organisations


Tuesday 27 April 2010 from 14.30 am to 18.00
room 2, Palais de l’Europe

    1. Agenda of the meeting – for adoption

    2. Synopsis of the meeting held on 26 January 2010 [CONF/SOC(2010)SYN1] for adoption

    3. World Day Against Poverty, 17 October 2010 : for information and update on the preparatory work

    4. Work programme of the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly – areas of future collaboration – Presentation by Silvia Arzilli, Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly

    5. MP Luca VolontÚ, rapporteur on Poverty of the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly – exchange of views on the Recommendations of the INGO position paper on poverty

    6. Outcome of the European Committee for Social Cohesion (CDCS) meeting on 23-24 February 2010, Strasbourg – new strategy and action plan on social cohesion – Debriefing by Irene Donadio

    7. New EU 2020 strategy and its implication for the INGO work on social cohesion

    8. 1st meeting of the Committee of Experts on Child-friendly Health Care (SP-CFH) - Debriefing by Irene Donadio

    9. Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers [CM/Rec(2009)3] to member states on monitoring the protection of human rights and dignity of persons with mental disorder and role of the Social Cohesion Committee in the Action Plan – Presentations by Marie-Jose Schmitt, Antonina Dashkina and debate

    10. February meeting of the ad hoc Committee on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (CAHVIO) and the European Lobby Campaign on the draft Council of Europe Convention on violence against women – Debriefing by Irene Donadio

    11. Information on Panel Discussion on national integrated strategies on violence against children which took place on 9 March 2010 in Geneva – Marie-Francoise Glatz, Communication Officer of the Programme, “Building a Europe for and with Children”

    12. Preparation for the UN Millennium Development Goals’ Review Summit in New York (20-22 September 2010)

    13. Presentation of the monitoring report of Article 30 of the Social Charter – Regis Brillat, Head of Department, Executive Secretary of the European Committee of Social Rights

    14. Any other business