Non-Governmental Organisations



Strasbourg, 16 January 2009

Tuesday 27 January 2009 from 9.15 am to 12.30 am
room 2, Palais de l’Europe

    1. Agenda of the meeting
    Action: add points if needed and adopt the agenda

    2. Report of the meeting of the Social Cohesion and Eradication of Poverty Committee held on 2 October 2008 [CONF/SOC(2008)SYN1]

      Action: discussion and adoption

    3. Presentation of the Guidelines for reporting, format and standards

      Action: exchange of views

    4. Appointment of Rapporteur

    5. Feedback on consultation of members on the priorities for the Committee

    6. Participations of the primary stakeholders (poor and excluded): methods, strategies, concrete proposals

      Action: discussion and decision on next steps

    7. Proposal for a Joint NGO campaign : ‘Europe say no to poverty’ ,

      Action: discussion, decision on framework of activities, vote and appointment of responsibilities to take the project forward

    8. The EU and Council of Europe action in the field of Social Cohesion

      Action: Briefing, discussion and decision on future steps

    9. Debate on the preparation for EU 2010 Year against poverty and social exclusion

        a. Discussion and decision on next steps and action plan, appointment of a co-ordinator

        b. What role for the Conference of INGOs ?

    10. Update on the advocacy in the Council of Europe on the UN Guidelines on Human Rights and Poverty

    11. Update on the debate on the report on Health Prevention, appointment of a rapporteur on Health issues

    12. Work-plan :

      - Social Cohesion and Disability
      What role for the Committee on Social Cohesion? Appointment of a taskforce and of a rapporteur

      Social Cohesion and Human Rights, cooperation with the Human Rights Committee, Appointment of a Rapporteur

      The Social Charter and social cohesion: ongoing activities

      Migration: latest developments and opportunities for the Committee

    13. Reporting of past events and forthcoming meetings

14. Any other business