1. Opening of the meeting by the President, Jean-Marie Heydt, who paid tribute to Marie- Claude Rivière for her commitment to the work of the Conference of INGOs.

The Standing Committee:

2. adopted the meeting agenda [CONF/SC(2013)OJ3]

3. adopted the synopses of the meetings held on 21 and 23 January 2013 [CONF/SC(2013)SYN1 and SYN2]

4. Standing Committee members’ participation in events and activities

- Jean-Marie Heydt:

5. Working methods

6. Participative democracy

7. Expert Council on NGO law

heard Cyril Ritchie, Chair of the Expert Council:

8. Strategy for concerted action by the Conference of INGOs in countries in the Mediterranean neighbourhood.

9. Preparation of the June 2013 session

approved the proposed order of business for the June session

10. Vera John-Mikolajewski reported on the European Citizens Initiative - quality education for all - submitted by MEET (Movement towards a European Education Trust). She informed the Committee that an educational platform would be set up to improve the quality of education for everyone on the continent. This activity was linked to the European Year of Citizens. The launch of this campaign was hosted by Henri Malosse, President of the Employers Group of the European Economic and Social Committee. The President of the Conference would meet the new President and information on the campaign would be presented at the June session de June.

11. approved the appointment of Jean-Bernard Marie as new representative of the Conference of INGOs on the Steering Committee for Human Rights

12. was informed of the publication of a Council of Europe book entitled “De 1949 à nos jours”, written by Birte Wassenberg, lecturer in contemporary history. A chapter of this book concerned the Conference of INGOs.

Rapporteurs: Veysel Filiz and Maritchu Rall