Non-Governmental Organisations


Strasbourg, 12 April 2013


The members of the Standing Committee:

    1. Preparation of the meeting of the Conference of INGOs on 24 January:

    - adopted the agenda with one amendment, to allow Rmi Berthier to make a statement during the morning;

    - asked Sophie Dimitroulias and Veysel Filiz to liaise in connection with the organisation of the World Forum;

    - decided to submit to the conference for adoption the resolution proposed by the Human Rights Committee on “Acting together to eradicate extreme poverty in Europe”;

    - discussed the circulation of the positions adopted by the conference to accredited media organisations ;

    - 7 INGOs were to be granted participatory status as from April 2013 and the new deadline for applications was mid-April 2014;

    - took note of the request from Claude-Laurent Genty to give a progress report on European Year of Citizens;

    - asked Alain Mouchoux to represent the Standing Committee at the Holocaust commemoration on the forecourt of the Palais de l’Europe on 24 January;

    - took note of the request from Sophie Dimitroulias to circulate the new brochure more widely;

    - decided to submit to the conference for adoption the resolution proposed by the Gender Equality Expert, Betty Doornenbal, on “Gender equality – a condition for success of the Arab revolutions”;

    - heard a statement by Grard Greneron on the Tunisian observatory for global security and the two Tunisian police trade unions;

    - decided to submit to the conference for adoption the recommendation on “Changes in the situation with regard to torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in the Council of Europe member states" ;

    - decided not to submit the declaration of 17 October to the conference.

2. Budget 2013 of INGO-Service: discussion on the needs of committee chairs, the Expert Council and the Gender Equality Expert :

    - Approved the President’s report;

    - Took note of INGO-Service’s suggestion for notification of new projects requiring funding;

    - Noted that the list of organisations behind with their subscriptions was available from the treasurer, Marie-Jos Schmitt.

3. Participation of the Conference of INGOs in intergovernmental committees : for decision

    - Took note of the changes with regard to meetings of intergovernmental committees:

      CDDH-AGE drafting group: allow three days in 2013,
      GT-GDR-D drafting group: no reimbursement of expenses,
      THB-CP: substitute Betty Doornenbal,
      CDPPE (education): representative Sabine Rohmann,
      Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA): substitute Sophie Dimitroulias,
      ECSR: no representative ,
      Stakeholders’ platform on the strategy for innovation and good governance at local level: expenses to be reimbursed,
      Interministerial Conference in Moscow on culture.

4. Performance of the working groups under the responsibility of the three committees, decision on continuation of the working groups:

    - Working group “Religion and Human Rights” discontinued ;

    - Working group “Human Rights Defenders” : find a way to have a better follow-up of the work

    - Setting up of a Working Group “against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”;

    - Setting up of a Working Group “Intersectoriel co-operation for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse – Lanzarote Convention”

    - “Violence against the elderly”: draft text adopted by the working group, to be forwarded to the committee chair with a view to its presentation and adoption in plenary;

    - Working group “Charter on Democracy” discontinued;

    - Working group on “European citizenship” to resume activity;

    - Setting up of a working group on “Major risks and governance”;

    - Merger of the Working groups “The teaching profession in the 21st century” and “Think tank ‘Education 21’”;

    - Presentation of a document in June by the Working group “Access to the digital media for all”.

    5. Other business:

    - TLEMCEN + 10 Sabine Rohmann: continuity ensured by the Conference of INGOs, agreement of principle on the part of the Algerians, possibility of working with the University of Oran pending an official letter; possibility of a conference in early November on “education in human rights and citizenship”, dialogue with a view to establishing genuine Europe/Africa partnerships, project group set up, avoid November (Moscow Conference + world conference), December more realistic.

    - Statement by Christophe Spreng on the Toolkit in Tunisia.

      Official facilitators and deputy facilitators were appointed.

    - World Forum for Democracy: how multimedia is changing democratic systems.

    6. Date of the next meeting:

    22 April 2013