Strasbourg, 6 December 2011


Monday 3 October (3 – 6 pm)
Strasbourg, Palais de l’Europe
Room 2

Excused: Sophie Dimitroulias, Veyzel Filiz, Harry Rogge, Iamvi Totsi, Yosanne Vella,

Note: This two day meeting was made possible without interpretation thanks to Cyril Ritchie and Christoph Spreng who volunteered to do the interpretatation.

1. The Standing Committee meeting began at 3pm, just after the presentation from 2 to 3 pm of the opinion from the Expert Council on NGO Law on amendments in 2009 to NGO law in Azerbaijan and their implementation [CONF/PLE(2011)REC4]

Decision: As the text of the resolution had been presented and discussed in the previous hour, it has adopted after making some changes in the French translation and the proposal to add an indent acknowledging previous efforts made by Azerbaijan.

2. Elections and organisation of the session in January

It was recalled that the support of at least ten INGOs was necessary for standing for the post of President of the Conference.


On a recommendation by the Verification and Dispute Committee after analysing the elections of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Committees in June 2011, the Standing Committee decided to generalise the method of voting in two rounds, an absolute majority of the votes cast being necessary to be elected in the first round, and a relative majority in the second round.

The votes cast correspond to the number of ballot papers posted in the ballot box, minus spoilt ballot papers (blank votes are therefore counted).

Organisation of the plenary session: 2 sessions 25 and 27 January