Strasbourg, 31 March 2010



Wednesday 28 April 2010, 2.30 to 6 p.m.

Strasbourg, Palais de l’Europe (Room 2)

(Note: this agenda may be changed to reflect the decisions to be announced by the Secretary General to the Ministers’ Deputies on 21 April 2010)

1. Opening of the meeting by Jean-Marie Heydt, President of the Conference of INGOs

2. Draft agenda: for adoption

3. Draft synopses of the meetings of 25 January [CONF/SC(2010)SYN1] and 27 January 2010 [CONF/SC(2010)SYN2]: for adoption

4. The reform of the Council of Europe and its impact on the Conference of INGOs

5. Meeting of the Bureau of the Conference of INGOs (Strasbourg, 26 April 2010): for information

6. Functioning of the Conference of INGOs: for discussion and decision

7. Review of contributions received in connection with the possible revision of the INGO Conference’s Rules of Procedure: for decision

8. Final document on the policies and priorities of the Conference of INGOs: for decision

9. Information on INGO-Service

10. Draft Charter of Governance of INGOs enjoying participatory status with the Council of Europe: for discussion on the legal aspects and decision on follow-up

11. Draft opinion of the Conference of INGOs on Recommendation 1893(2009) of the Parliamentary Assembly on the future of the North-South Centre: for discussion and adoption

12. Activities in 2010-2011: for information and decision

13. Ministerial Conferences of the Council of Europe in 2010: for information

14. Other business

15. Date of the next meeting: Thursday 24 June 2010 (2.30 – 5.30 p.m.)