Non-Governmental Organisations



Strasbourg, 10 November 2009



The Standing Committee of the Conference of INGOs, meeting in Strasbourg on 29 September 2009, with Jean-Marie Heydt in the chair:

1. Adjustment of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of INGOs

    · Took note of the report by Rémi Berthier on the proposals by the ad hoc working group comprising members of the Verification and Dispute Committee (meeting in Strasbourg on 16 September 2009) concerning the revision of the provisions in the Rules of Procedure as regards elections, in particular:

    o The election method for Bureau members and Chairs/Vice-Chairs of committees and transversal groups;

    o Combined candidature as committee/transversal group Chair/Vice-Chair or Vice-President/Rapporteur on the Bureau;

    o Signature of candidacy forms;

    o Campaign conditions;

    o Voting operations;

    o Compatibility of both being a member of the Verification and Dispute Committee and standing for election;

    o Verification and Dispute Committee’s reporting arrangements.

    · Noted, with regard to the timetable for revising the Rules of Procedure, that a positioning debate on the working group’s proposals would be held at a meeting of the Standing Committee in 2010. Practical proposals, including with regard to any aspects not related to elections that were deemed necessary, would be submitted to the Conference of INGOs in due course with a view to final adoption in 2011;

    · Took note of the appointment by the President, following consultation of the Bureau, of Rémi Berthier as delegate, rapporteur on the revision of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of INGOs;

    · Took note of the appointment of Rémi Berthier as Chair of the Verification and Dispute Committee at the above-mentioned meeting on 16 September.

2. Information and exchange of views on the priorities of the committees and transversal groups

    · Took note of the presentation by the President of an introductory document to be discussed at the Standing Committee meeting on Thursday 1 October 2009;

    · Held an exchange of views on the priorities of the committees and transversal groups, in the course of which reference was also made to the need to ensure proper co-ordination of activities between the committees and transversal groups on the one hand and the Standing Committee and the Bureau on the other, in particular with regard to topics or geographical areas where consultation of the Bureau and the Standing Committee was necessary (Belarus, for instance), without prejudice to the right of initiative of the committees and transversal groups.

3. Other business

    · Renewed for one year the mandates (which had expired in July 2009) of the following delegates of the Conference of INGOs:

    o Christoph Spreng, delegate for intercultural dialogue;
    o Olivier Flury, delegate for voluntary work.

4. Date of the next meeting: Thursday 1 October 2009

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