Non-Governmental Organisations



Strasbourg, 23 March 2010

of the meeting to be held on Tuesday 27 April
from 9 am to 12.30 pm
Room 3

    1. Welcome and adoption of the agenda

    2. Adoption of the synopsis of the meeting on 25 January 2010

3. Part 1: Migration and human rights

In conjunction with the Europe and Global Challenges Transversal Group
(9.10 – 11 am)

Information and presentation

      3.1. Challenges and emergencies: situations that are unacceptable from the human rights perspective
      Marie-José Schmitt (European Action of the Disabled, AEH); Maritchu Rall (International Association of Charities, AIC)

      See document on Criminalisation of Migration in Europe: Human Rights Implications, issue paper published by Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, 4 February 2010 (link to document)

    3.2. NGO action

    - Accounts of action on the ground Marie-Eve Fischer (ATD Fourth World) – Françoise Poujoulet (CIMADE);

      - NGO co-operation with the Council of Europe Maria Ochoa-Llidó, Head of the Migration and Roma Department


      3.3 How and where should INGOs take action?

      - What INGOs already do – what needs to be done: each INGO is asked to prepare a written or oral contribution

      - Preparation of a document addressed to European governments to be adopted in June

Coffee break

Part 2 (11.15 am – 12.30 pm)

4. Reform of the European Court of Human Rights

    Update on the Interlaken Conference and follow-up
    Marc Leyenberger (Caritas), INGO Conference representative on the CDDH

5. Working Group on Social Charter, Economic and Social Rights

    Update on the working group’s activities
    Marie-José Schmitt (European Action of the Disabled, AEH)

6. Working Group on Religions and Human Rights

    Further to the seminar held in January with Jean-Paul Willaime, proposal for moving forward with discussion of the issue: what more specific objectives can now be identified for the working group, using what methods?
    François Becker (European Network Church on the Move), working group co-ordinator


7. Working Group on Media Education

    Update on the working group’s initial activities
    Gabriel Nissim (World Catholic Association for Communication, SIGNIS), INGO Conference representative on the Steering Committee on the Media and New Communication Services (CDMC), working group co-ordinator

8. Topical human rights issues and other business

Brief update on the situation in Burma