Non-Governmental Organisations



                    Strasbourg, 25 July 2012


    The members of the Conference of INGOS met on 27 June and, after the meeting had been opened by Jean-Marie HEYDT, President:

    1. appointed Veysel FILIZ Rapporteur

    2. unanimously adopted the agenda CONF/PLE(2012)OJ3

    3. unanimously adopted the synopsis of the meeting held on 25 January 2012 [CONF/PLE(2012)SYN1] (link), with an addition to item 6, and the synopsis of the meeting held on 27 January 2012 [CONF/PLE(2012)SYN2] (link) as it stood.

    4. unanimously adopted the new terms of reference of the Council of Experts on NGO Law (link to the terms of reference) and listened to Cyril RITCHIE present the activity report

    5. were informed about INGO-Service by Marie-JosÚ SCHMITT, treasurer, who called for contributions.

    6. held an exchange of views with Snezana SAMARDZIC-MARKOVIC, who had been appointed Director General of Democracy, DGII, in April 2012, concerning future priorities, namely the diversity of European societies, participation in democratic procedures and innovation for improved democracy. These are sectors where civil society can play a key role and she underlined her willingness to work in closer co-operation with the Conference.

7. listened to Jean-Louis LAURENS describe the preparations and the objectives of the World Forum for Democracy. It is now possible to register on the Forum website (link to the site). The Forum and the civil society debate on inclusive democracy organised by the Conference of INGOs (link to the programme of the civil society debate) will be held between 5 and 11 October 2012.

    8. welcomed the delegation of ONGs from Belarus and adopted Recommendation CONF/PLE(2012)RES3 on civil society in Belarus.

9. listened to Christoph SPRENG present the Toolkit for conducting intercultural dialogue and the relevant website (link to the Toolkit – English only).

    10. listened to Annelise OESCHGER, Chair of the Human Rights Committee speak about the recommendations adopted at the previous committee meeting;

    adopted Recommendation CONF/PLE(2012)REC5 Gender Equality: a universal value, principle and human right to be respected and promoted in all fields  (link to the recommendation);

    adopted Recommendation CONF/PLE(2012)REC6 “Attacks on the right to freedom of expression of LGBT people and those who advocate for their rights” (link to the recommendation).