Non-Governmental Organisations

The participants of the meeting of the Civil Society Communication Platform, "Belarusian Civil Society in 2013" held in Warsaw on 14 and 15 June 2013

    1. Demand that the Belarusian authorities release all political prisoners that are being held throughout the country and take serious commitment that no other civil society activists are imprisoned in the future for political reasons;

    2. Acknowledge the vital role of the Internet as a space of free circulation of opinions, and demand the Belarusian authorities neither restrict access to it nor persecute bloggers and journalists for whom it is a major channel of communication with the readers;

    3. Support the Belarusian identity-building process, based on the principle of “unity in diversity”, and acknowledge its role in inciting civic activism.

    4. Agree on the necessity of identifying common goals that different groups of civil society share; to enhance cooperation on selected issues of strategic importance

    5. Agree on the fundamental role of local activism and journalism in the local communities and call on the Belarusian authorities to create conditions favourable to their work and give a particular importance to the cooperation between local authorities and civil society

    6. Call on the international partners to ensure Belarusian civil society participation and co-ownership of the Belarus-related projects;

    7. Express the will the Council of Europe uses all the potential it has to contribute to the positive change in Belarus;

    8. Express the wish for Belarus to achieve democratic standards that would make full membership in the Council of Europe possible, particularly by:

    - allowing civil society to carry on normal activities on a daily basis;
    - abolishing execution of the death penalty;
    - releasing all the political prisoners
    - introducing lasting political reforms

    9. Express the readiness to participate in creation of the roadmap for Belarus to achieve full membership in the Council of Europe.

    10. Express the hope that the implementation and planning process within the Council of Europe regarding the issues targeting Belarus will be open and transparent.

    11. Call on the Council of Europe to enhance cooperation with Belarusian civil society also by granting the partnership status to a wide number of Belarusian NGOs.

    12. Express the call that the activity of the Info Point in Belarus will be based on the principle of cooperation with Belarusian civil society

    13. Call on the Conference of INGOs to enhance cooperation with Belarusian civil society.