Non-Governmental Organisations



Strasbourg, 3 June 2009

Wednesday, 24 June 2009 (9 am - 10.30 am)
Room 2, Palais de l’Europe

    1. Draft agenda : for adoption

    2. Report of the last meeting of the Social Cohesion and Eradication of Poverty Committee of 28 April 2009 [CONF/SOC(2009)SYN2] : for adoption

    3. Meeting of the European Committee for Social Cohesion (CDCS, 25-27 May 2009) and follow-up to the Moscow conference of ministers responsible for social cohesion (26-27 February 2009) and its action plan : update by Antonina Dashkina, Vice-Chair

    4. Outcome of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Family Affairs, 16 and 17 June 2009, Vienna (‘Public Policies supporting the wish to have children, societal, economic and personal factors’) and Seminar Assessing family policies in the European Union - Brussels 10 June 2009 (organised by the European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, equality, protection and social integration, Unit on Social and demographic Analyses) : update by Irene Donadio, Chair.

    5. Intercultural competences in social services : Lucia Martin (Social Cohesion Development and Research Division, Directorate General of Social Cohesion, Council of Europe) : presentation and debate

    6. Plan for action for the European Union 2010 Year for combatting poverty and social exclusion and campaign actions for the year 2009/2010: Antoine Saint-Denis, European Commission (tbc) for presentation and discussion (link to the Powerpoint presentation)

    7. Outcome of the meeting of the Fundamental Rights Platform of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union, rapporteur Taras Poljanec (tbc), for update

    8. Disability conference, Moscow, 17-18 June 2009, rapporteur Taras Poljanec (tbc)

    9. Meeting of the Working Group on Poverty, Human Rights and economic crises (23 June from 13:00 to 14:30), rapporteur Marie-JosÚ Schmitt, brief update on the decisions taken

    10. Working Group on Health Prevention, Rapporteur Guy Schlaeder, brief update

    11. Any other business