Non-Governmental Organisations

Standing Committee

Decisions of the Standing Committee at its meeting on 22 April 2013

Follow-up to the visit by the President of the Conference of INGOs to Tunis (17-20 February 2013) – priorities for the implementation of the Mediterranean strategy

The Standing Committee:

asked the members of the delegation which had visited Tunis to develop various practical co-operation projects (conferences, training seminars, workshops) and to conduct appropriate fundraising, focusing in particular on:

- exchanges of experience on civil society’s role after a change of political system / sharing of post-revolutionary experience;
- exchanges of know-how, experience and best practice on organised civil society’s role in good governance;
- assistance with making civil society more structured and enabling NGOs to network more effectively;
- training on the respective roles of NGOs, the authorities and political parties in the democratic process, while safeguarding the independence of NGOs;
- training in the application of the methods of dialogue and co-operation in the various stages of the democratic process as described in the Code of Good Practice;
- boosting of the work of the Conference of INGOs through co-ordination of efforts with local players, members of the Conference of INGOs in Tunisia and other Council of Europe players;
- taking into consideration the partnership proposal developed by ALDA entitled “support to civil society in Tunisia”.

asked the INGO members of the Conference to act on the requests made to the Conference of INGOs by Tunisian civil society players during the visit to Tunisia, in particular concerning:

- the establishment of cultural forums;
- the intensification of North-South co-operation, as well as East-South (Caucasus-Maghreb) and South-South (Maghreb-Africa) co-operation;

agreed to give priority to Tunisia and to regional activities involving nationals of several countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean and in Europe in its action in the Mediterranean neighbourhood countries.