Non-Governmental Organisations

CONF/SC(2010)SYN2 Strasbourg, 5 March 2010



The Standing Committee of the Conference of INGOs, meeting in Strasbourg on 27 January 2010 (from 2.30 to 3.30 pm), with Jean-Marie Heydt in the chair:

1. Follow up to the session on 25-27 January 2010

    · Held an exchange of views on the session held from 25 - 27 January, which had highlighted the difficulties encountered by members of the Conference of INGOs because committee and transversal group meetings often took place at the same time, the insufficient prior discussion of the document “orientations and priorities of the Conference of INGOs”; with regard to the latter, it was noted that the strategic objectives of the Conference of INGOs should be defined in relation to the current context of the Council of Europe, in particular the reform of the Organisation and its impact on the Conference of INGOs;

    · Took note of the information communicated by Childerik Schaapveld, Director of Democratic Institutions, on the subject of the reform planned by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe (presented that very morning at the meeting of the Conference of INGOs), which made a distinction between operational activities and other activities but would have no impact on the high standard of work which the Secretariat would continue to provide; members of Conference of INGOs would be kept informed of forthcoming developments in this field, which would also require them to prove their capacity to innovate and to adapt to new circumstances.

2. Preparations for the session on 26-28 April 2010

    · Took note of and approved the draft order of business for the session on 26-28 April with the following changes:

    o meeting of the Gender Equality Transversal Group on Monday 26 April at 4.15 pm, following the meeting of the Europe and Global Challenges Transversal Group (by way of exception no other meeting would take place at the same time as the meetings of the two transversal groups on 26 April);

    o meeting of the Culture, Science and Education Committee in place of the meeting of the Sustainable Territorial Development Committee, which would not hold a meeting in April in view of the preparations being made for European Biodiversity Day on 28 April;

    o meeting of the Standing Committee on 28 April from 2.30 to 6 pm, focusing on matters concerning the functioning of the Conference of INGOs and the preparations for the Forum on the Universality of Human Rights (Oslo, 21-22 October 2010).

3. Preparations for the 4th Regional Congress of NGOs

    · Noted that a preparatory meeting had been held in Vilnius in December 2009, that a date was being sought for the Forum and that the practical arrangements and subjects to be addressed were in the process of being identified. A call for candidatures would soon be published on the Conference of INGOs website.

4. Working methods of the committees and transversal groups

    · decided that its meeting on 28 April 2010 would focus mainly on this question.

5. Other business

    · Took note of the information communicated by Rémi Berthier, Chair of the Verification and Dispute Committee and head of the Working Group on the Conference Rules of Procedure on the subject of the plan to adjust the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of INGOs, particularly in connection with matters concerning the functioning of the Conference of INGOs which might be dealt with in the context of a Charter which could be easily adopted and revised; this point would have to be addressed by the Standing Committee at its meeting on 28 April and, with this in mind, contributions from members of the Standing Committee would be welcome.

6. Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 28 April 2010 (2.30 – 6 pm)