Non-Governmental Organisations

Declaration adopted on 22 June 2011

“Leveraging Women’s Equal Participation during and after Conflicts and Revolutions from the onset”

The Conference of International Non Governmental Organisations of the Council of Europe

Recognising the major role of women in the context of the current revolution of the Arab world for liberty, universal human rights and democracy and referring to their motto “We were together in the streets; we will not go home now”;

Referring to and supporting the Statement of participants at Karama’s May 2011 meeting in Cairo in which women and women’s organisations of 11 Northern African and Arab States took part;

Referring to the Declaration “The Conference of INGOs greets the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia” (CONF/PLE(2011)DEC1 of 27 January 2011) and the Statement by the President of the Conference of INGO “Civil revolution: The people’s voice is making itself heard!” (24 February 2011),

Being aware that the question of women’s participation in democratic transition processes, reconciliation and political dialogue needs attention also in Council of Europe member States,

The Conference of INGOs

Underlines the urgency of getting women included in the decision making structures from the onset in all current processes of democratic transition, reconciliation and political dialogue notably in the Arab world.