European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)





Saratov State Law Institute, Russia, from September, 1958 to June, 1962
Diploma on General Jurisprudence

Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University,  from September 1963 to September 1965
PhD Degree

Membership of professional bodies:

Attorney-at-Law, member of the Ukrainian Bar;
Member of the International Association of Constitutional Law (The Netherlands);
Member of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges (Switzerland).

Present position:

Justice of Constitutional Court of Ukraine in demission (from 17.02.2001) ;
Professor of Comparative Law of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine;
Professor of Comparative Law Studies of the International Solomon University (Kyiv) ;
Professor of Academy of Business (in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland).

Work at national and international level:

Professor of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University from September 1965;
Professor of International Salomon University from September 1994;
Professor of Kyiv Mohyla Academy from September 1991;
Legal Advisor to the Ukrainian Parliament from January, 1989 till September, 1996;
Deputy Ukrainian Representative to the Venice Commission from October 1992 till September 1996;
Justice of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, from September 1996 till February 2001.


Drafted new Constitution of Ukraine as a member of the Expert Group of the Ukrainian Constitutional Commission (1990-1996).
Drafted laws of Ukraine on constitutional, administrative, economic and commercial issues; expert advisor to the Ukrainian Parliament (1989-1996).
Expert of the Council of Europe’s Commission on the Drafting of the European Convention on Nationality (Strasbourg, 1993-1996).
Exchange scholar visitor in the Moscow State University (1970, Russia), Alberta University (1994, Alberta, Canada), McGill University (1994, Quebec, Canada), academic and governmental bodies of the USA (1996).


218 published legal scholarly works which include:
- Manual on International Public Law (1974, in French);
- Manual on Comparative Constitutional Law (1987, in Russian);
- Treatise on Federalism and Foreign Relations in American Constitutional Law (1970, in Russian);
- Sociology of International Relations (1971, in Russian);
- Treatise on International Cooperation of States in the Area of Human Rights (1986, in Russian, co-author);
- Pamphlet on the Draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (2004, in Ukrainian);
- Pamphlet on the Unity of World and Comparative Law (1995, in Ukrainian);
- Article on the Constitutionality of Referenda in Ukraine (1996, in English and French),
- Pamphlet on the Expertise of the Constitutional Jurisdiction: Ukrainian Model (2000, in English, Korea; and in French, Italy);
- Pamphlet on The Impact of International Law on the Constitution of Ukraine (2000, in English);
- Droit à la vie et la Cour Constitutionnelle: Experience ukrainienne (Strasbourg, 2004, in French);
- Integrity of the World and Comparative Jurisprudence (2008, in Russian);
- The Constitutional Protection of Human Rights (2010, in Ukrainian).

Language skills:

Ukrainian; Russian; French; English; German