European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)



Mr Michael HEAD 



Education and academic and other qualifications

BA Hons (History), University College, London.

Master of Arts, University of Michigan. USA

Professional activities

(a) Present positions

Member of ECRI in respect of the UK

(b) Work at national level

1960 joined the Home Office as an Assistant Principal, serving in Immigration and General Departments.

1972 promoted to Assistant Secretary, serving in the Probation and After-Care, Community Programmes and Equal Opportunities and Criminal Departments of the Home Office, covering respectively the administration of the Probation Service, the problems of racial disadvantage and the content of the criminal law.

1984 promoted to Assistant Under-Secretary of State, serving as Head of General Department in the Home Office, responsibilities including policy on constitutional matters.

1986 appointed Head of Criminal Justice and Constitutional Department, newly created to cover the Probation and the Magistratesí Courts services and policy regarding human rights.

1991 - 1996 in charge of the Equal Opportunities and General Department of the Home Office, responsible for policy issues on ethnic and faith communities, the law on racial discrimination and relations with the Commission on Racial Equality. Retired from Home Office 1996.

1996 - April 2007, served on the Surrey Probation Board, responsible for the local delivery of non-custodial sentences in the criminal justice field.

1996-2005 a Director of Rehab UK, a national charity for the disabled.

(c) International work since 1996

Member of ECRI in respect of the UK 1996 to date
Vice Chair of ECRI 1999-2000
Chair of ECRI 2002-2005

Nominated by UK Government to be member of ECRI in respect of the UK 2008-13

Publications and other works

Contributions by Mr Head to international conferences, academic seminars, Council of Europe and ECRI events and NGO conferences have been published in a variety of journals and records of proceedings.