European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement


Updated: December 2011


CERU – Centro Europeu de Riscos Urbanos - Lisboa

Address: Av. Elias Garcia, nº 7 – 2º andar 1000-146 Lisboa – Portugal

Tel.: + 351 213921873

Fax: + 351 217942572






Three parts will compose its organisational management structure:

·         The director’s board

·         The executive committee

·         The technical and scientific committee (steering committee)

President: Prof. Luís Alberto Menddes-Victor

President of the Scientific Committee: Prof. Luís Alberto Menddes-Victor

Secretary General: Maria Fernanda Dias


Definition of an unified strategy and of a common frame to co-ordinate the different activities performed on the technical and scientific research, in the urban risks domain.



Organisation of training courses to formers

These courses, of one or two weeks of duration, are offered once every two years. They will be directed to a restricted group of about 30 people, selected from new graduate students, university assistants, civil protection technicians and other specialists related with the security in case of disaster.


Organisation of workshops and conferences

These workshops and conferences have their objectives defined in Agreement with the activity plan proposed by the administration of the CERU, and are composed by thematic meetings of urban risks specific areas.

Organisation of seminars concerning the public information and training

Directed to several sectors of the economic, social and political life (such as the health, the transportation, the insurance companies, the social communication, the modern top industries, the representative associations or institutions of the citizens, etc.), they are an enlarged forum of discussion related with the prevention measures diffusion and the emergency protection and management.

Preparation of specialised publications

The diffusion of the achieved results on the technical and scientific research in the urban risks domain is considered also as a priority area of the CERU intervention.


Organisation of a specialised library

A library will be organised, concentrating the set of produced publications in the research work performed in the scope of the CERU, as well as by other existing documents in this domain. Different texts, papers, books, journals, etc. will be collected and catalogued.


Activities carried out in 2009:


1. The CERU has organised “Second International Seminar on Prediction of Earthquakes”. 

2. The CERU was involved in the assessment of the Seismic Hazard, maintenance and rehabilitation of the heritage in the City of Silves (Algarve-Portugal).

3. Participation, Publications and Communications presented in the following Meetings:

  • Câmara Municipal de Lagos, 11 Dez “Vulnerability of Low Elevation Coastal Zones”.

  • Book dedicated Professor Ferreira Soares, University of Coimbra.

  • 6º Simpósio sobre Margem Ibérico Atlântico, 1-5 Dezembro, Oviedo, Espanha.

  • EUG Meeting in Viena.

  • Participation in the 18 December Meeting.

  • Academic IP Tomar

  • Síntese Histórica e de Património


Activities carried out in 2010:


1. The CERU was involved in the assessment of the Seismic Hazard, maintenance and rehabilitation of the heritage in the City of Lagos (Algarve-Portugal).
Participation, Publications and Communications presented in the following Meetings:

  • 14 ECEE Fourteenth European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 30 August-3 September, Ohrid, "the former Yugoslav Republiuc of Macedonia".

  • Seminar organised in the Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa, DIA INTERNACIONAL PARA A REDUÇÃO DAS CATÁSTROFES NATURAIS, 11 October 2010.

  • 2010 Congresso Nacional de Sismologia e Engenharia Sísmica, 20-23 de Outubro.

  • SISMOS, Academia das Ciências de Lisboa, 8 de Novembro de 2010.

  • Gestão de Situações de Emergência – Risco Sísmico, Lagos, Setembro, 2010.

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