European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement


The ministerial meetings take place in camera in general every four years, circumstances and urgency however being able to justify the special convocation of the group apart from the regular meetings.

Each State is represented in those meetings either by the minister(s) interested by the subject or by the minister charged by his government with coordinating the action of ministries concerned with natural and technological risks hazards problems. For each State, a Permanent Correspondent is named who, in personal connection with the minister(s) taking part in the Ministerial Meetings, is in charge of preparing the meetings of the group; this Permanent Correspondent can be assisted by experts.

Adopted Resolutions and Recommendations

11th Ministerial Meeting - Marrakech, Morocco 31 October, 2006 (more...)
• Resolution Priorities Disaster reduction
• Recommendation on Risk Reduction through Education at school
• Recommendation Local and Regional Authorities Disaster Risks

10th Ministerial Meeting - Saint Marino, 12 December 2003
(Adopted Resolutions and Recommendations
| FR)
• Recommendation on risk prevention
• Resolution on cybercrime

9th Ministerial meeting - Bandol, France,
3 October 2002
(Adopted Resolutions and Recommendations EN | FR)
• Resolution on Euro-Mediterranean Synergy
• Resolution on Risk Culture
• Resolution on First-Phase Implementation of Risk Prevention Initiatives
• Recommendation concerning the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)

8th Ministerial meeting - Athens, Greece, 21-22 February 2000
(Adopted Resolutions and Recommendations EN | FR)
• Declaration on the right to information and training of populations in the field of risk management
• Declaration on a permanent telecommunications link between the persons responsible for risk management in the member states of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement
• Resolution on co-operation between the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement and international institutions
• Resolution on the network of specialised Centres of the Agreement: a new policy
• Declaration on “Risk Culture”
• Declaration on the action taken on the evaluation of the risks occasioned by the Chernobyl disaster
• Resolution on the economic and social consequences of the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Greece in response to Recommendations 1447 (2000) and 1448 (2000) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
• Resolution on the creation of a European Co-ordination Centre on Forest Fires in Greece
Resolutions & Declarations: AP/CAT (2000) 17. Conclusions: doc  AP/CAT (2000) 15


7th Ministerial meeting - Monte Carlo, Monaco, 24-25 November 1997 (Adopted Resolutions and Recommendations EN | FR)
• Resolution "The European programme on the use of space techniques for major risks management (STRIM)"
• Resolution "Anti-personnel landmines and their humanitarian implications"
• Resolution "The Medium Term Plan 1997-2001 of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement"
• Resolution "The proposal to modify the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement budget as regards the European Network of Specialised Centres" *
• Resolution "The 10 years of activity of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement" *
• Resolution"The draft charter on the protection of human rights in the event of natural and technological disasters"
• Resolution "The draft Euro-Mediterranean convention on medical humanitarian law"
Resolutions: AP/CAT (97) 83. Conclusions: AP/CAT (97) 80


6th Ministerial meeting - Brussels, Belgium, 6 October 1994
• Resolution "Creation in member States of a Permanent Hazard Management Unit"
• Resolution "Use of space technology to assist risk management"
• Resolution "European Programme on training in the field of risk sciences: FORM-OSE"
• Resolution "Coordination of the principal programmes undertaken by International Institutions in the field of disaster management"
Resolutions & Declarations: AP/CAT (94) 33. Conclusions: AP/AT (94) 32


5th Ministerial meeting - Moscow, Russian Federation, 1 October 1993
The Ministers decided
• to use the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement of the Council of Europe as a suitable platform for co-operation between Eastern Europe, the South of the Mediterranean and Western Europe in the field of major natural and technological disasters;
• that co-operation between the member countries of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement shall cover scientific research activities and the training of specialists in the field of risk sciences, to be conducted by the European Centres of the Agreement and training establishments, as well as practical interaction in emergency situations using new technologies and the results of military conversion processes;
• that the activities of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement shall be organised in keeping with this political resolve and, in particular, in such a way as to avoid any overlap with the work of other international organisations.
Adoption of the Moscow Charter: AP/CAT (93) 46rev.3. Conclusions: AP/CAT (93) 50


4th Ministerial meeting - San Marino, 23-24 October 1992
• Resolution  Follow-up to the Rio de Janeiro conference on environment and development (June 1992)
• Resolution  Safety of nuclear installations SIEAD/APO/Chernobyl programme
• Resolution  Creation of a European Advisory Evaluation Committee for earthquake prediction
Resolutions &t Declarations: AP/CAT (92) 32. Conclusions: AP/CAT (92) 32. hard copy only


3rd Ministerial meeting - Ankara, Turkey, 9 September 1991
• Follow-up of the nuclear accident of Tchernobyl
• Protection of coral ecosystems
• Budget 1992 of the Agreement
• Evaluation of the European Centers
• European warning system
• Contribution of the Agreement to the United Nations International Decade for natural Disasters Reduction
• Responsibility of States in the event of international disaster: the problem of insurance
• Forest fires
• Impact of modern optics applied to the prevention of and protection against disasters
document AP/CAT (91) 24, hard copy


2nd Ministerial meeting - La Valetta, Malta, 10 October 1989
• Request for accession to the Agreement by the Principality of Monaco
• Interest of the Soviet Union in acceding to the Agreement
• The request for participation of UNESCO in the Agreement
• Activities undertaken in the framework of the Agreement
Conclusions and Resolutions: AP/CAT (89) 29, hard copy

1st Ministerial Meeting - Athens, Greece, 22-23 February 1987
Conclusions and Resolutions: AP/CAT (87) 11 English only, hard copy