European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement


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Working group "Early warning" (4th meeting)

15 December, Paris, France

International Lectures "Natural Hazards: towards an integrated handling"

3-5 December, Biskra, Algeria

Autumn Meeting of the ISDR Task Force

22-24 November, Geneva, Switzerland

Working group "Education" (1st meeting)

17-18 November, Sofia,  Bulgaria

Seminar "Volcanic risks and historical sites: situation in Europe and in the world"

11-12 November, Ravello, Italie

Committee of Permanent Correspondents

1-2 November, Lisbon, Portugal

Working Group "Early warning" (3rd meeting)

31 October, Lisbon, Portugal

Meeting "Psychological aid to disasters victims"

20 October, Strasbourg, France

International Day for Disasters Reduction

12 October

Meeting "Disasters, health and psychology"

4-5 October, Roma, Italy

Working Group "Early warning" (2nd meeting)

27 September, Paris, France

Conference "Earthquake Engineering - 21th Century"

27 August-1 September, Ohrid, FYROM

Bureau of the Committee of Permanent Correspondents

11 July, Paris, France

Working group "Early warning" (1st meeting)

24 June, Paris, France

Meeting of the Group on website "Be Safe Net"

2-3 June, Nicosia, Cyprus

Spring Meeting of the ISDR Task Force

24-26 May, Geneva, Switzerland

XIII Entretiens of Agropolis 12 May, Montpellier, France
Committee of Permanent Correspondents 8-9 March, Paris, France
Meeting of Directors of Specialized Centres of the Agreement 7-8 March, Paris, France
World Conference on Disasters Reduction
For more information on the Conference and specific contributions of the Agreement, please consult the ISDR website
18-22 January, Kobé, Japan
Bureau of the Committee of Permanent Correspondents 10 January, Paris, France