European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement

12th Ministerial Session of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement

Facing Increased Disasters and Promoting Prevention and Response
in a context of Climate Change

28 September 2010, Saint Petersburg


The Council of Europe together with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM), organised the 12th Ministerial Session of EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement on 28 September in Saint Petersburg.

The session provided guidance to the work of EUR-OPA with a view to continuing contributing to the implementation of the United Nations Hyogo Framework of Action on disaster reduction in Europe and the Mediterranean. The Ministers took stock of the mid-term results and adopted a new Medium Term Plan for 2011-2015. The new plan  focuses on improving prevention and preparedness and promoting good risk governance; using knowledge to reduce vulnerability; improving preparedness for emergencies to save lives and help victims of disasters. 

Participants (EUR-OPA and Council of Europe Member States, International Organisations) also discussed the consequences that climate change may have on the frequency and intensity of natural disasters and the measures to strengthen societiesí adaptation and resilience.

Documents adopted:

Resolution 2010-1 "Working together in Europe and the Mediterranean for the prevention of disasters, preparedness and response: Priorities of Action"  EN | FR | RU

Resolution 2010-2 on Ethical Values and Resilience to Disasters EN | FR | RU

Recommendation 2010-1 on Reducing Vulnerability in the face of Climate Change EN | FR | RU

Medium Term Plan 2011-2015  EN | FR | RU

Related Documents:

Conclusions of the 11th Ministerial Session of 2006 EN | FR

Medium Term Plan 2007-2011  EN | FR



Ministerial Session
28 September 2010

Agenda EN | FR

Permanent Correspondents
27 September 2010

Draft Agenda EN | FR
Conclusions of the last meeting of the Committee, 8-9 April 2010 Paris
| FR

(all the documents)

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