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Linguistic integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM)


The integration of migrants and the impact on it of their acquisition of competence in the language(s) of the host country are a focus for political debate and policy initiatives in a growing number of Council of Europe member states, as is demonstrated by the surveys carried out by the Language Policy Unit in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

The aims of this website are:

  • to offer a platform that enables member states to exchange experiences and reflect on policy and practice in this area;
  • to provide assistance to member states in developing coherent and effective policies and in reviewing existing policies in keeping with shared Council of Europe values and principles;
  • to provide practical support for the effective implementation of policy;
  • to encourage good practice and high quality in the provision of language courses and in assessment of language proficiency.

Those responsible for devising policies, course provision, assessment and tests in national contexts may not always have full or easy access to relevant information and resources at a European level. With this in mind, a number of guidelines, studies and instruments have been developed by the Language Policy Unit so as to provide concrete support for policy developers and practitioners, and indeed for all those directly involved in migrant language education.

In summary, the aim of this website is to offer a practical means of pooling and accessing useful resources. It has been developed with the help of a group of experts in various fields.



  • nominations underway: 3rd intergovernmental conference on Quality in the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM): from values to policy and practice. Strasbourg, 3-4 June 2014. Information Note
  • January 2014 - Integration tests: helping or hindering integration? : the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a recommendation addressed to the Committee of Ministers, accompanied by a report
  • 36 member states took part in the 3rd Council of Europe survey (realised in 2013) on language policies for the integration of adult migrants: the analysis of results is underway and a report will be published mid 2014.

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