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Use of the Eurimages logo conditions

Use of the Eurimages logo is subject to authorisation, which will not be granted if such use would be contrary to Eurimages's values and principles, if the logo is to be used for commercial purposes or if it is to be used in conjunction with the logo, name or trade mark of a firm. Each case will be considered individually in order to ascertain whether the aforementioned conditions are met. Authorisation does not confer any entitlement to exclusivity.
Requests should be sent to Eurimages - Council of Europe – Agora Building – Allée des Droits de l’Homme - F67075 Strasbourg cedex

Reference to EURIMAGES support

EURIMAGES’ support must be mentioned clearly and visibly in the main credits at the beginning of the film, as high as possible after the producers and according to its financial contribution, as well as in the major publicity material for the film, including DVD.

The draft front and end credits must be submitted to EURIMAGES for prior approval. Failing this, EURIMAGES reserves the right to refuse payment of the outstanding balance of the support awarded.

Info for producers

  • Eurimages regrets to announce the death of Barbara Stroink. For nearly 20 years, from 1990 to 2009, Barbara was the highly esteemed substitute for successive representatives from the Netherlands. She was greatly appreciated by all who were lucky enough to work with her. Eurimages wishes to express its sincere condolences to her family and will always remember her wonderful personality.

Info for exhibitors

  • From 1 January 2016, the rules for Eurimages' support for theatres have been modified. A theatre that wishes to join the network must apply before 30 June at 6pm of the current year for an accession the following year.

Info for distributors

  • As Albania is now eligible for distribution support from the Creative Europe Programme, Albanian distributors can no longer receive support from the Eurimages distribution scheme, except for Scheme I in the cases referred to in Article 2.2 of the Regulations.

    As Turkey is now eligible for development audience support from the Creative Europe Programme, Turkish distributors can no longer receive support from the Eurimages distribution scheme II, but are still eligible for Scheme I.

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