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SPARDA: Had-Dingli, Malta


Had-Dingli is a small town on the west coast of Malta, 13 kilometres from the capital Valetta. The west coast is less built up than the area around the capital, and has less tourism infrastructure than the east coast. Had-Dingli is a mainly agricultural community. Many of its inhabitants also work in other locations on the island.


In November 2005, it was estimated to have a population of 3,326 people. There are only a handful of foreign residents in the town, mainly EU nationals. The relatively small size of the island of Malta means that Dingli residents are aware of the migration issues affecting the country as a whole. Itís proximity to North Africa makes it one of the first landing places for migrants and refugees from Libya and Tunisia.



Target audience: Population of Had Dingli and Valetta

Media: Events, outdoor, print press, radio, TV

Dates: November Ė December 2011


Dingli is a relatively small town, therefore organising public events rather than media campaigns makes sense, as the majority of the population can be reached. The local councilís activities in relation to diversity and integration were run in cooperation with an external communication agency.


The activities were based around the "diversity blend festival", a three-day event held in early December. The festival included world music concerts, ethnic food stalls, a football match between locals and foreigners and some folklore activities.


Dingli was one of only two cities to used paid advertising: Three national radios, one TV station and two newspapers announced the festival, resulting in a good attendance over the three days.


The festival used a good mix of the usual aspects of promoting diversity (gastronomy, folklore) and the more modern facets of the multicultural society, such as music and sport. The mayorís presence during the event, the use of a professional communication agency and good coverage resulted in a successful campaign.


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