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Route of Roma Culture and Heritage in Spain

A multiple itinerant exhibition about flamenco inspired by the work of the Spanish Gypsy artist Antonio Mairena. He travelled the paths of Europe in order to make a wide audience acquainted with his singing and with the cultural patrimony he recovered: the cantes (songs) and styles, and his research activity with a significant teaching task as creative a school of flamenco song singing.


The exhibition will propose a journey from the roots of flamenco, wandering in the traditional way of the Gypsy peddler, stopping off in various cities in the different countries chosen for the exhibitions, during the years 2010 - 2013.


The exhibition will be accompanied by the outcomes of a research work of a political, social, cultural and musical nature about:

the most significant events in the history of Spain and of Europe during the life of Antonio Mairena;

the artists who have been his reference;

the outcomes of his work as a researcher, scholar and innovator; his published and unedited writings, his conferences, performances and recordings;

the bibliography, clippings, press cuttings, iconography, signs, statues and ephemera related to him and his legacy;

a virtual information on the different exhibitions scheduled, in a web page, universally open to everybody.





Route of Roma

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