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The following list includes both books distributed by the Council of Europe Publishing and documents issued directly by the Directorate.

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Cultural co-operation 

Ten years of cultural co-operation in Europe 1989-1999
Louise Terrillon-Mackay 2000
Available as PDF file.

Networking culture: the role of European cultural networks
Gudrun Pehn 1999
ISBN 92-871-3925-3

40 years of cultural co-operation 1954-94
Etienne Grosjean 1997
ISBN 92-871-3231-3

Cultural policy making 

Cultural policy: a short guide
Simon Mundy 2000
ISBN 92-871-4301-3 [out of print]
Available as PDF file.

Balancing act: 21 strategic dilemmas in cultural policy
François Matarasso and Charles Landry 1999 (Policy note 4)
ISBN 92-871-3862-1
The Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Romanian, Slovenian and Ukrainian versions are out of print. The Serbian version is available as PDF file from BalkanKult.

In from the margins: a contribution to the debate on culture and development in Europe
European Task Force for Culture and Development 1997
ISBN 92-871-3336-0 [out of print]
Available as PDF file.

In from the margins -- summary version
European Task Force for Culture and Development 1997
[out of print]
Available as PDF file.

Cultural governance 

Cultural Governance: from challenges to changes
Available as PDF file.

Recondita armonia -- a reflection on the function of culture in building citizenship capacity
Dick Stanley 2007 (Policy note 10)
ISBN 978-92-871-6211-3
Also available as PDF file.

Cultural legislation: why? how? what?
Delia Mucica 2003

Culture and civil society: new relationships with the third sector
Rod Fisher and Roger Fox 2001 (Policy note 6)
ISBN 92-871-4549-0

Decentralisation: trends in European cultural policies
Ilkka Heiskanen 2001 (Policy note 9)
ISBN 92-871-4795-7

Private action for the public good: regulations, incentives and examples of practice
Dorota Ilczuk 2001

Tax incentives for private support to culture
Péter Inkei 2001

The governance of culture: approaches to integrated cultural planning and policies
Anthony Everitt 1999 (Policy note 5)
ISBN 92-871-4067-7 [out of print]
Available as PDF file.

Cultural management 

Libraries in South Caucasus – a manual for managers
Tuula Haavisto 2005

A manual for museum managers
Dimitrios Konstantios et al. 2005

The performing arts: a manual for managers
Simon Mundy 2002

Funding the future: a user’s manual for fundraising in the arts
Andrew McIlroy 2001
DGIV/CULT/MOSAIC(2000)24. The Serbian version is available as PDF file from BalkanKult.

National cultural institutions in transition: "desétatisation" and privatisation
John Myerscough et al. 2001
Available as PDF file.

Les centres culturels: espaces de démocratie culturelle
Thérèse Mangot 2000

Challenges for cultural policy and management in Central and Eastern Europe: proceedings of an international symposium Zittau 1996
Simone Wesner and Adrian Palka (eds.) 1997

Cultural diversity 

Differing diversities: Eastern European perspectives
Andrea Ellmeier and Béla Rásky 2006
ISBN 92-871-6024-4

The challenge of transcultural diversities
Kevin Robins 2006
ISBN 92-871-5968-8

Culinary cultures of Europe: identity, diversity and dialogue
Darra Goldstein and Kathrin Merkle (eds.) 2005
ISBN 92-871-5744-8

Cultural policy and cultural diversity: mapping the policy domain
Tony Bennett 2001 (Policy note 7)
ISBN 92-871-4794-9

Differing diversities: transversal study on the theme of cultural policy and cultural diversity, followed by seven research position papers
Tony Bennett 2001
ISBN 92-871-4649-7

Conference reader - Conference of Ministers responsible for Culture - Baku, 2-3 December 2008 “Intercultural dialogue as a basis for peace and sustainable development in Europe and its neighbouring regions”

The national reports of the Cultural Policy and Cultural Diversity project are available under Cultural Policy and Cultural Diversity - Publications.

Culture and conflict prevention 

Culture and development 20 years after the fall of communism
Robert Palmer, Jacek Purchla (red. nauk.) 2010
ISBN: 978-83-89273-74-1

Expert Colloquy "Dialogue serving intercultural and inter-religious communication": conclusions and debate analysis

Rethinking conflict: the cultural approach
Johann Galtung 2002

Other documents of the Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention project are available under Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention - Publications.

Cultural policies at local level 

see also Intercultural Cities newsletter

Intercultural cities – Towards a model for intercultural integration (2010)
Phil Wood
ISBN 978-92-871-6732-3

Baku - Azerbaijan: a proposal of cultural strategy
Markus Baumer 2003

Imagination and regeneration
Charles Landry 2003

A Tbilisi city cultural strategy
Charles Landry 2003

Erevan - Arménie : éléments pour une stratégie culturelle
Alain Patrolin 2003

Cultural policies in Europe: local issues
Mario D’Angelo 2000 (Training series 4)
ISBN 92-871-4326-9

Culture - a way forward: culture and neighbourhoods
Ursula Rellstab 1999 (Policy note 3)
ISBN 92-871-3859-1 [out of print]
Available as PDF file. Also available in German: ISBN 92-871-3860-5

Culture and neighbourhoods volume 5: human resources for cultural development in urban neighbourhoods
Eduard Delgado i Clavera with Alfons Martinell 1998 (2006)
CULT-POL/urd(98)5 fin
Available as PDF file.

Culture and neighbourhoods volume 4: perspectives and keywords
Giandomenico Amendola (ed.) 1998
ISBN 92-871-3736-6

Culture and neighbourhoods volume 3: talking about the neighbourhood: views from locals and artists
Michel Steimer 1997
ISBN 92-871-3151-1

Culture and neighbourhoods volume 2: a comparative report
Franco Bianchini and Lia Ghilardi Santacatterina 1997
ISBN 92-871-3270-4

Culture and neighbourhoods volume 1: concepts and references
Eduard Delgado et al. 1995
ISBN 92-871-2869-3

Cultural policies at regional level 

Culture and regions of Europe
Michael Bassand 1993
ISBN 92-871-2159-1

Cultural policies in Europe: regions and cultural decentralisation
Mario D’Angelo and Paul Vespérini 2000 (Training series 3)
ISBN 92-871-4229-7

Cultural policies at national level 

Compendium of cultural policies and trends in Europe
Council of Europe/ERICarts, 11th edition 2009
[electronic publication]
see also Compendium newsletter

Cultural policies in Europe: method and practice of evaluation
Mario D’Angelo and Paul Vespérini 1999 (Training series 2)
ISBN 92-871-3759-5

Cultural policies in Europe: a comparative approach
Mario D’Angelo and Paul Vespérini 1998 (Training series 1)
ISBN 92-871-3391-3

European Programme of national, transversal and sectorial cultural development policies: comparative study
John Myerscough with Christopher Gordon and William Dufton 1997
Available as PDF file.

Evaluation of national cultural policies guidelines for the preparation of national reports
Robert Wangermée 1993
Available as PDF file.

National reviews

National reviews - working documents, publications by the Council of Europe Publishing and by the countries concerned - are be listed under National cultural policy review programme.

Education and training 

Making culture accessible – Access, partcopation and cultural provision in the context of cultural rights in Europe
Annamari Laaksonen (2010)
ISBN 92-871-6729-3

A polyphony of potential: cultural training provision and needs in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
Ian Brown 2003

Arts organisations and their education programmes
Tuula Yrjö-Koskinen 2000

Culture, creativity and the young: developing public policy
Ken Robinson 1999 (Policy note 2)
ISBN 92-871-3857-5 [out of print]
Available as PDF file.

Arts education in Europe
Ken Robinson 1997

Work and employment 

La création d'un environnement juridique et économique approprié pour les activités artistiques
Suzanne Capiau 2000

Cultural employment in Europe
Andy Feist 1999 (Policy note 8)
ISBN 92-871-4385-4

Specific cultural sectors 

· Archives and libraries 

Access to archives
Charles Kecskeméti and Iván Székely 2005
ISBN 92-871-5782-0

A strategy for libraries in Georgia
Grzegorz Boguta 2005

A strategy for Armenian libraries
Ingo-Eric Schmidt-Braul 2005

Libraries in Azerbaijan: how and what next?
Evgheny Kuzmin 2004
Also available in Russian.

· Books  

Books and publishing in Armenia: a profile
Ingo-Eric Schmidt-Braul 2003

Policy review of the Georgian book sector
Grzegorz Boguta 2003

The book sector and the state
Marc Baruch 1994, revised and updated by Jean Richard 2000
DECS/CULT/POL/book(99)11 [Out of print]
Available as PDF file.

VAT and book policy
François Rouet 1999 (Policy note 1)
ISBN 92-871-3707-2

Legislation for the book world
Caroline Keane (ed.) 1997 (Conference proceedings)
ISBN 92-871-3386-7

· New information technologies 

New information technologies and the young
Screen Digest 2001
ISBN 92-871-4622-5

Public access and freedom of expression in networked information: guidelines for a European cultural policy
ISBN 92-871-4651-9

Vital links for a knowledge culture: public access to new information and communication technologies
Liss Jeffrey and Ira Nayman (eds.) 2001
ISBN 92-871-4621-7

Digital culture in Europe: a selective inventory of centres of innovation in the arts and new technologies
Mediacult 1999
ISBN 92-871-3873-7

Maximising the educational and cultural potential of the new information technologies
ISBN 92-871-4027-8

New ideas in science and art: final acts of the Prague Conference 19-23 November 1996

· Media 

Media and intercultural communication in Europe
Rossen Milev 2000

The printed press and television in the regions of Europe
Pierre Musso 1995
ISBN 92-871-2807-3

· Museums 

At the crossroads: the strategic development of museums in Azerbaijan
Timothy Mason 2004

Nearer to the eye: the strategic development of museums in Armenia
Timothy Mason 2004

Opening the doors: museums in the South Caucasus
Timothy Mason 2004

Watching from aside: the strategic development of museums in Georgia
Timothy Mason 2004

Bulgarian museums 2000
Niels-Knud Liebgott 2000

Other cultural activities 

Ecrire les frontières: le pont de l’Europe = Grenzüberschreibung: die Europabrücke
1999 (multilingual compilation of essays with translations in English, French and German)
ISBN 92-871-3884-2

European cultural routes
Giovanni Mangion and Isabel Tamen (eds.) 1998
ISBN 92-871-3561-4

Guide Apollonia: contemporary art of Central and Eastern Europe
1998 (English-French bilingual version)
ISBN 92-871-3437-5