Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Creating cultural capital 

Creating cultural capital project


Strategic goals

  • The development of data banks of information on cultural resources and activities in the context of the global market and rapid technological change;
  • The development of transversal cooperative partnerships between government, the private sector, communities and individuals to stimulate understanding of, and access to, the European creative industries sector;
  • The creation of electronic networks to facilitate cultural exchange of: information, opportunities, resources, partnerships, expertise;
  • The exploration of new mechanisms for cultural cooperation and the sharing of cultural resources in order to provide for greater equity in access to cultural opportunities;
  • An initial focus which favoured creative partnerships which can generate a creative dynamic in the newer member States of the Council of Europe.

The Project will actively encourage moral and financial support from external partners (national governments, regional and local authorities, NGOs, Cultural institutions, foundations, cultural managers, cultural producers, research bodies, educational institutions, Council of Europe observer states) whose mission complements that of the Creating cultural capital project and the wider goals of the Council of Europe.


Through its activities the Creating cultural capital project will involve the private sector and will demonstrate the economic value of our rich European diversity. At the same time, as a cultural project, it will advance the principles of independent access, creative and cooperative exchange. It will seek to sustain a European Identity based on a recognition of the value of our infinite difference.

Cultural mapping and resource assessment
Mapping and assessing the local cultural landscape and developing data banks of cultural information and resources.

Training of creative intermediaries
Training of cultural intermediaries/entrepreneurs to work as an interface between government and cultural industries.

The cultural portal network
The creation of an electronic network, which will be a source of ‘cultural exchange’ of information, resources and services for the cultural sector. This network will be managed through local offices or agencies, and internationally linked through the Creating cultural capital project. It will serve governments, institutions, agencies, businesses, communities and individuals.

The three central activities respond to three policy challenges to sustaining a creative ecology.

Participating States

The project carries out bi-lateral, multilateral and regional activities. The project will also engage in transversal sectorial activities. For example, a focus on a particular cultural industry such as of music or film in the context of a number of different states with a specific interest in this industry.