Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe: contents and features

43 Countries

Quick Facts open each of the Compendium country profiles to provide users with a glimpse of key information and data for individual countries.


Cultural Statistics in Europe

Comparative tables and graphs on population, participation, markets, employment, public funding

Cultural Price Index on Goods and Services employing OECD - PPP data.


Comparative Overviews

Updated comparative tables on cultural policy governance and other issues.

Compilation of articles on comparative methodologies and the links between research and policy development


Monitoring Standards, Developments and Trends in Cultural Policy

The Compendium Community is engaged in a number of exercises to monitor the implementation of:

  • Standard Setting Instruments in the Cultural Sector

  • Developments in National Laws and Policies

  • Key recommendations made within the Council of Europe National Cultural Policy Review Programme (in development)

The Compendium is recognised as a key instrument of the Council of Europe's CultureWatchEurope.


Transversal Themes

Presents integrated information on cross-cutting, transversal issues of priority to cultural policy makers and analysts:

  • Cultural diversity

  • Intercultural dialogue

  • Status of artists

  • International cultural co-operation and mobility


New edition


The 2015 edition of the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe is now online.

43 country profiles available.






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