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South East Europe: Integrated Rehabilitation Project Plan/Survey of the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (IRPP/SAAH)


This Joint Programme has been implemented by the Council of Europe and the European Union in South-Eastern European countries from 2003 to 2010. The aim has been to experiment and to implement a heritage management tool based on the identification of "priority interventions" and the drawing up of "integrated rehabilitation projects" targeting the social and economic potential of the monuments and sites.


The IRPP/SAAH methodology has allowed work on 172 monuments and sites considered as priorities by the countries. More than 80% of them have already benefited from funds generated under the impetus of the IRPP/SAAH, and more specifically the "Ljubljana Process: Funding the rehabilitation of heritage in South-East Europe" launched in 2008. The granting of funds as part of the European Unionís pre-accession programmes, combined with public and private investment, have increasingly confirmed the vital social and economic importance of heritage. This of course benefits people and encourages tourism.


The IRPP/SAAH, in helping to highlight the role of heritage in the implementation of national development strategies, has become an effective tool for the implementation of the Organisationís values and conventions, in particular the Faro Framework Convention on the role of heritage in society.


The IRPP/SAAH mechanism is now continuing with the "Ljubljana Process II : Rehabilitating our Common Heritage".



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