During the last few decades there has been a growing understanding of the inseparable links between culture and nature and how these linkages play a crucial role in sustainable development and ultimately to human well-being. 

New and more effectively coordinated approaches encompassing both culture and nature, defined as physical assets and intangible culture, are urgently required. This includes the need for a profound culture change to trigger the transformation towards more sustainable lifestyles. Derived from the Council of Europe's human rights and participatory approach, its various Conventions as well as relevant visions, strategies, reflections and recommendation, the “L.I.N.K.E.D” – Guiding principles for an integrated approach to culture, nature and landscape management aims to offer member States pointers for a holistic approach in policymaking, management, research and practice with an emphasis on integrating environmental awareness and justice.




AN ACADEMIC PERSPECTIVERodney Harrison (Professor of Heritage Studies, University College London)