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IRPP/SAAH: Consolidated Projects


The countries participating in the IRPP/SAAH have selected and worked more specifically on 25 rehabilitation projects from the 172 emblematic monuments and sites identified as priorities. In becoming "consolidated", these projects then encourage the development of a more comprehensive funding strategy accompanied by the drawing up of Feasibility Studies and/or Business Plans, as well as the organisation of promotional events.


These "flagship projects" have been selected according to specific criteria:


Achievability - be pragmatic - start with something simple that will work.

Urgency of intervention required on the building or site.

Viability of the proposal for restoration/re-use, etc.

Availability of information/documentation - measured drawings, photographs, etc.

Availability of personnel to carry out the study.

Degree of commitment of the local authority/community to the success of the project.

Likelihood of success in bidding for funding - does the project or building meet the usual criteria of a particular funding body? Is there a good chance of obtaining funding?


The Consolidated Projects highlight priorities among the priorities, based on their historical importance and economic potential to allow new uses compatible with their essence. They have a direct impact on local economic development by attracting the attention of partners and by encouraging investment in historical places that are seen in their full cultural, economic and social context. Funded by investments from the public and private sectors, with a significant contribution since 2008 from European funds, these Consolidated Projects are a driving force to boost the rehabilitation of European heritage in the region.


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