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Even if a monument or a site listed on the Priority Intervention List has its Preliminary Technical Assessment developed through a Feasibility Study, the rehabilitation project would need to be detailed in a Business Plan in order to be considered as "Consolidated".


The variety of sites proposed for rehabilitation through the Ljubljana Process, and the range of possible options, render difficult any attempt to be absolutely categorical about the content of Business Plans – these will vary according to specific needs and the requirements of funding agencies. Guidelines provided as part of the IRPP/SAAH should be used as guidance or prompts, rather than adopted as a model to be faithfully followed in all their detail, since the essence of the Business Plans lies in there being no standard format, as cases, requirements and circumstances are so varied. The Business Plans might, however, include the following information: a summary statement of objectives; roles and responsibilities of the organisation; a description of the project; the wider strategic considerations; details of the project; the uses, users and audience – the market; the management and staffing; a financial appraisal; a risk analysis (which might be achieved through a SWOT analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; it might also include a PEST analysis - Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors); and finally a mechanism for monitoring progress and evaluating performance.


It is, however, necessary to develop draft Business Plans in advance of discussions with potential funding agencies, since the plans will address the fundamental questions that funding bodies will ask. The draft plan will provide a basis for negotiation with potential funding bodies and other potential stakeholders and partners, as well as providing a guide for required future actions. The Business Plan is a document that should be sufficient to convince the potential investor(s) that the project is worthwhile and viable, and that the investment will be secure and beneficial.


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