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Civic Solidarity Award

The Prix du Partage Citoyen (Civic Solidarity Award), supported by the Council of Europe and the Institut of Cultural Routes, is the result of a reflection on the concept of solidarity in civil society. It aims at awarding initiatives or concrete actions of civic solidarity and initatives aiming to develop new types of society. The award is symbolized by a sculpture of Michel Audiard representing the Shared Cloack of St. Martin.

The award was established for the first time on 13 April 2010, under the patronage of the European Cultural Centre Saint Martin of Tours, the European Institue of Cultural Routes and the Cultural Meeting Centre of the Abbey of Neumünster. Different categories have been identified : youth, new technologies, environnement, culture, society, economy.

The « youth » award was granted to the ”Evening lessons of Babar Ali (India)”. The Jury was impressed by this innovative project carried out in the framework of a difficult social economic background, highlighting the concept of shared education, respectful of the common education boy-girl. Promoted by young people, this project could be a souce of inspiration to make more effective the right to education. The “youth” award will be handed over at the 2nd Delphes Forum on 17 April 2010 in Delphes to the Indian Ambassador in Greece.

For more information: The awarded of Prix du Partage citoyen: 13 April 2010