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Joint Programme Council of Europe / European Union

3rd Steering Committee meeting
25 October 2011
Strasbourg (France)

The joint Council of Europe/European Union programme has been launched in 2009 and aims to identify and protect natural habitats to be included in the Emerald Network, in seven countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus. The third steering committee meeting of the joint programme Council of Europe/European Union gathers together the leaders of the national Emerald teams working on the areas of special conservation interest and representatives from the responsible national authorities. The meeting agenda includes an overview of progress on the setting-up of the Emerald Network work since the second Steering Committee and the achievements’ review by the project beneficiaries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine. The Steering Committee will also debate the follow-up of the project from mid 2012 onwards.

Ukraine - Grygorii Parchuk

Russian Federation - Nikolay Sobolev

3rd Steering Committee opening - Iva Obretenova

3rd Steering Committee - Marc Roekaerts

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