Culture, Heritage and Diversity



A polyphony of potential : cultural training provision and needs in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
Ian Brown

Cultural legislation: why? how? what?
Delia Mucica

The performing arts: a manual for managers
Simon Mundy

National policies

The following national cultural policy reviews for were carried out in the framework of the STAGE project.

Cultural policy at city level

Imagination and regeneration : cultural policy and the future of cities
Charles Landry

Erevan - Arménie: éléments pour une stratégie culturelle
Alain Patrolin

Baku - Azerbaijan: a proposal of cultural strategy
Markus Baumer

A Tbilisi city cultural strategy
Charles Landry

Sectorial policies

  • Libraries

Libraries in South Caucasus – a manual for managers
Tuula Haavisto

Library 2011 – strategy for Armenian libraries to prepare for the next decade
Ingo-Eric Schmidt-Braul

Libraries in Azerbaijan: how and what next?
Evgheny Kuzmin
(Also available in Russian)

A strategy for libraries in Georgia
Grzegorz Boguta

  • Museums

Opening the doors: museums in the South Caucasus
Timothy Mason

A manual for museum managers
Dimitrios Konstantios, Nicolas Konstantios, Liana Tsombanoglou

Nearer to the eye: the strategic development of museums in Armenia
Timothy Mason

At the crossroads: the strategic development of museums in Azerbaijan
Timothy Mason

Watching from aside: the strategic development of museums in Georgia
Timothy Mason

  • Book sector

Books and publishing in Armenia: a profile
Ingo-Eric Schmidt-Braul

Policy review of the Georgian book sector
Grzegorz Boguta