"Conference on stimulant abuse treatment"

Conference, Strasbourg, 10-12 May 2010:
Abstracts of presentations

suite Prof Gaetano di Chiara, Italy
Neurobiology and Pharmacology of psychostimulants

suite Jane Mounteney, EMCDDA
Stimulant use and different users' groups among clients entering drug treament in Europe

suite Andjela Baewert, Austria
Special needs of cocaine abusing pregnant women

suite Dr Stanislav Mokhnachev, Russia
Stimulants abuse in Russia

suite Gary Broderick, Ireland
Inner city Dublin working with women and their children

suite Lubomir Okruhlica et Michala Tejova, Slovakia
Treatment of methamphetamine users in Slovakia

suite Jørgen G Bramness, Norway
(Meth)amphetamine use and acute psychosis

suite Bas van der Hoorn, The Netherlands
Integrated dual disorder treatment in a rapid changing (Dutch) environment

suite Viktor Mravcik, Czech Republic
Methamphetamine users in drug services in the Czech Republic

suite Ave Talu, Estonia
Risk behaviour and HIV infection of amphetamine injections: implications for treatment

suite Dr Olivier Phan, France
The psychosocial treatment of cocaine abuser and dependent

suite Dr Laurent Karila, France
Pharmacological treatments of cocaine users

suite Dorrit Pedersen et Christian Solholt, Denmark
Group Treatment of cocaine addicts - methods and results

suite Prof Johan Franck, Sweden
Naltrexone treatment for amphetamine dependence

suite Augusto Consoli, Italy
Website consultations, short residential and daily community services for cocaine treatment in Italy

suite Dr Laurent Karila, France
Treating methamphetamine dependence

suite Dr Olivier Phan et Dr Laurent Karila, France
The process of guidelines for cocaine abusers treatment: The French experience

suite Jean-Paul Grund, The Netherlands
The Fast and the Furious: Cocaine, amphetamines and harm reduction

suite Mina Pas, Slovenia
Innovative harm reduction approaches for cocaine users

suite Dr Liljana Ignatova, "the former Yugoslave Republic of Macedonia"
Treatment of stimulants drug addiction in "the former Yugoslave Republic of Macedonia"

suite Lars Moller, WHO
WHO recommendations on the prevention of post release overdose deaths

suite Drs Wim Buisman, The Netherlands
Training of professionals

suite Gabrielle Welle-Strand, Norway
A new speciality in addiction medicine