The sixth edition of the Euro-Arab Youth Forum was hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Kingdom of Morocco in April 2017.

The 6th Euro-Arab Youth Forum mobilised young people and youth organisations from Arab and European regions to engage in dialogue and cooperation against violent extremism and hate speech.

The 6th forum reflected the current concerns shared by young people in both regions, notably:
  • The consequences of violent extremism, terrorism and populism
  • The consequences of armed conflict and violence
  • The fate of refugees and asylum-seekers
  • The deterioration of the climate of human rights and dialogue
  • The implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, notably those concerning education, peace and intercultural dialogue
  • Actions and campaigning by young people against or in reaction to the above.

It capitalised, among others, on the dynamics of the Council of Europe No Hate Speech Movement campaign, which was also being implemented in Morocco, and on the League of Arab States campaign against violent extremism which it seeks to strengthen. For the Council of Europe’s Youth for Democracy programme, the forum supported young people’s role in building peaceful and cohesive societies by engaging in intercultural dialogue.

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