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European countries must stop forced evictions of Roma

16/02/2016 Strasbourg
“Many Roma continue to face serious forms of discrimination and human rights violations by authorities at both national and local levels. In particular, forced evictions without due process and provision of adequate alternative housing continue unabated across Europe, in violation of member states' international human rights obligations” said today Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner...

Commissioner’s concerns about police file on Roma in Sweden

Strasbourg, 23/09/2013 - In an interview with Dagen Nyhether about the police file on Roma in Sweden the Commissioner stressed that "it is very disturbing that in XXI-century Europe, the police of a democratic country may still be resorting to ethnic profiling, a method of controlling people on the basis of their ethnic origin, which is both unlawful and ineffective. It runs counter to human...

Hammarberg receives the Dag Hammarskjold award

[17/11/08 18:30] The Dag Hammarskjold award for 2008 will go to Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg for his consistent work for human rights. The prize was announced on 16th of November by the board of the Academy of Smaland in Sweden. Hammarberg donated the prize money (SEK 30. 000) to Amnesty International.

"Systematic work for human rights must be continuous and inclusive"

[07/11/08] Thomas Hammarberg addressed the "Rights Work! – International Conference on Systematic Work for Human Rights Implementation" in Stockholm on 6-7 November 2008. The Conference, organised by the Swedish Chairmanship of the Council of Europope Committee of Ministers, explored means of implementing human rights in a systematic way through the use of comprehensive and specialised action...

“Local and regional authorities can do much to make reality of human rights”

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“Child’s best interest is also our interest”

[09/09/08 12:30] "When decisions are taken about children, their ‘best interests' should be the guiding principle. This is now widely accepted but not always respected." This was the key message that Commissioner Hammarberg delivered today during the second Janusz Korczak lecture held in Stockholm as part of a major conference on "Building a Europe for and with children – Towards a Strategy for...

Commissioner presents memoranda on Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden

16/05/2007 Strasbourg
Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg presented memoranda on the state of human rights in Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden to the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers. Prepared after a visit by members of his office, the memoranda contain an assessment of progress in implementing the previous Commissioner's recommendations. On the basis of the delegations' findings, Mr. Hammarberg had initiated an...

Memorandum to the Swedish Government

Memorandum to the Swedish Government: Assessment of the progress made in implementing the 2004 recommendations of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights CommDH(2007)10 / 16 May 2007

Report on visit to Sweden

Report by Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles, Commissioner for Human Rights, on his visit to Sweden (21-23 April 2004) CommDH(2004)13 / 08 July 2004