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Denmark: amendments to the Aliens Act risk violating international legal standards

15/01/2016 Strasbourg
“Recent restrictive changes to asylum and immigration law in Denmark raise serious concerns of conformity with human rights standards. The government should reconsider them and ensure that law and practice fully comply with Denmark’s obligation to uphold refugee protection standards” said today Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, releasing a letter addressed to...
Human Rights Comment

Without papers but not without rights: the basic social rights of irregular migrants

20/08/2015 Strasbourg
Those who think that irregular migrants have no rights because they have no papers are wrong. Everyone is a holder of human rights regardless of their status. It is easy to understand that the prohibition of torture protects all people but we should also be aware of the fact that basic social rights are also universal, because their enjoyment constitutes a prerequisite for human dignity....
Report on visit to Denmark

Better protection needed for migrant children in Denmark

24/03/2014 Strasbourg
"The best interests of the child are not always upheld in the context of asylum and immigration in Denmark. The Danish authorities should improve the protection they provide to migrant children, by ensuring full respect of their rights" said today Nils Muižnieks Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights in releasing the report on his visit to Denmark carried out on 19-21 November 2013. ...
Visit to Denmark

Children’s rights should be better respected in migration and asylum

22/11/2013 Copenhagen
"More systematic consideration should be given to the best interests of the child in migration and asylum policies and procedures" said Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, after a three-day visit to Copenhagen (19-22 November 2013). The Commissioner is concerned about legislation and practices that are not fully in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of...

Human Rights Commissioner concludes visit to Denmark

[12/06/08 18:00] Commissioner Hammarberg visited Denmark on 11 June to discuss with national authorities the implementation of the recommendations set out in his Memorandum to the Danish Government, which was presented in July 2007. The visit was aimed at enhancing the ongoing dialogue with national authorities as a follow-up of the earlier findings and at discussing the recent developments in...

Commissioner issues memoranda on Denmark and Estonia

[11/07/07 16:00] Thomas Hammarberg today presented two new Memoranda to the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers. The memoranda contain an assessment of progress in implementing the recommendations made in 2004 by the previous Commissioner. They also include new recommendations to the Danish and Estonian authorities respectively. Related documents Memorandum on Denmark Memorandum on...

Memorandum to the Danish Government

Memorandum to the Danish Government - Assessment of the progress made in implementing the 2004 recommendations of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights CommDH(2007)11 / 11 July 2007

Report on visit to Denmark

Report by Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles, Commissioner for Human Rights, on his visit to Denmark (13-16 April 2004) CommDH(2004)12 / 08 July 2004