Chair of the CAHDI 2015-2016

Mr Paul Rietjens (Belgium)

Director-General of Legal Affairs, Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Co-operation

Vice-Chair: Ms Päivi Kaukoranta (Finland)





Statement of Mr Rietjens at the 67th Session of the International Law Commission on 10 July 2015 (French only)

Statement of Mr Rietjens at the 1232nd meeting of the Ministers' Deputies on 1st July 2015 (French only)

Chair of the CAHDI 2009-2010

Mr Rolf Einar Fife (Norway)

Vice-Chair : Ms Edwige Belliard (France)

Chair of the CAHDI 2007-2008

Sir Michael Wood (United Kingdom)

Vice-Chair: Mr Rolf Einar Fife (Norway)

Chair of the CAHDI 2005-2006

Ms Phani Dascalopoulou-Livada (Greece)

Vice-Chair : Sir Micheal Wood (United Kingdom)

Chair of the CAHDI 2003-2004

Mr Nicolas Michel (Switzerland)

Vice-Chair : Ms Phani Dascalopoulou-Livada (Greece)

Chair of the CAHDI 2001-2002

Mr Peter Tomka (Slovak Republic)

Vice-Chair : Mr Nicolas Michel (Switzerland)

Chair of the CAHDI 1999-2000

Mr Reinhard Hilger (Germany)

Vice-Chair : Mr Peter Tomka (Slovak Republic)

Chair of the CAHDI 1997-1998

Mr Gyorgy Szenasi (Hungary)

Vice-Chair : Mr Lucius Caflisch (Switzerland)

Chair of the CAHDI 1995-1996

Mr Adriaan Bos (The Netherlands)

Vice-Chair : Mr Gyorgy Szenasi (Hungary)

Chair of the CAHDI 1993-1994

Mr Jean-Pierre Puissochet (France)

Vice-Chair : Mr Adriaan Bos (The Netherlands)

Chair of the CAHDI 1992

Mr Hans Corell (Sweden)

Vice-Chair : Mr Jean-Pierre Puissochet (France)

Chair of the CAHDI 1991-1992

Mr Helmut Türk (Austria)

Vice-Chairt : Mr Hans Corell (Sweden)

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