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Session of the Conference of INGOs, 26-29 January

Strasbourg, 22 January Among the highlights are: A debate on the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks: “I am Charlie, … how to react and act now?” ; The election of the President, the members of the Bureau and the Gender Equality Expert ; A visit of a group of civil society representatives from Ukraine: meeting with the Secretary General and discussion on the implementation of the strategic priorities for civil participation in decision-making in Ukraine ; A visit of a delegation from the Ministry for relations with Parliament and Civil Society of Morocco: meeting with the Deputy Secretary General and exchange of views on areas for future co-operation with the Conference of INGOs.
Order of business

Terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo - Stand up for our values!

Strasbourg, 8 January The Conference of INGOs is shocked by the cold-blooded murder of journalists and policemen at the editorial offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. We stand united against violence and firmly in favour of freedom of expression and tolerance. The right to life and the right to freedom of expression are guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights and we appeal to all Council of Europe member states to step up their efforts in defence of these rights. (more)

Update on the Expert Council on NGO Law

Strasbourg, 22 December The Expert Council met on 27-28 November in Strasbourg. It released an opinion on NGO legislation in Azerbaijan and a study on regulating political activities of NGOs and prepared in early December an opinion on draft amendments to Russian NGO legislation. The Expert Council reviewed its co-operation with the Venice Commission, the Human Rights Commisioner and the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Association and Assembly. In 2015, it will carry out a study on the legal framework for public consultations in law-making processes.
Revised opinion on the NGO legislation in Azerbaijan
Study on regulating political activities of NGOs
Opinion on draft amendments to legislative acts in the Russian Federation

Civil Participation in Decision-Making: Strategic Priorities Developed

Strasbourg, 19 December To present the results of its joint work with Ukrainian stakeholders, the Council of Europe's Division of Civil Society organised a round-table discussion on strategic priorities for promoting civil participation in decision-making in Ukraine. The strategic priorities are structured in three parts: (1) creating an enabling legal environment for the effective participation of civil society, (2) Institutionalizing consultation, dialogue and cooperation between civil society and authorities, and (3) Building a culture of participation. (read more...)

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