Non-Governmental Organisations

Appeal from the International Youth Human Rights Movement, an INGO with participatory status, which is facing possible eviction from its premises

The International Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM) - a member of the Conference of INGOs, the headquarters of which are based in Russia, in the city of Voronezh, is facing possible eviction from its premises.

YHRM is one of the founding organisations of the Human Rights House - Voronezh, a community of regional, all-Russian and international human rights and civil society organisations. These organisations (including the YHRM secretariat) share common premises in an old building in the city centre, which they rented from the city authorities at reduced price for many years. In April 2011 the Human Rights House hosted an INGO Conference roundtable on co-operation of human rights defenders with the authorities.

Now the Human Rights House faces possible eviction from its premises due to the unwillingness of the city authorities to prolong rental contracts with the YHRM and another NGO (Confederation of Free Labour). The authorities claim that they need this building for expanding the activities of the municipal youth centre. No alternative options were proposed to the Human Rights House member NGOs by the authorities, and they currently can't afford the costs of commercial rent. Thus, the continuation of their activities and their future existence are seriously endangered.

We ask you to support the YHRM and other NGOs which are members of the Human Rights House - Voronezh by sending letters of concern to the authorities on behalf of your NGOs.

Attached you will find an example of the letter, including all the addresses (in English and Russian).

Please, refer to if you have any questions. And please also send us the copy of the letters to this address.

Anna Dobrovolskaya, On behalf of YHRM.