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The Conference of INGOs and Ukraine
Strasbourg, 27 June 2014

The Conference of INGOs invited a group of civil society representatives from Ukraine to get first-hand information on the situation in the country and to discuss co-operation to enhance civil society involvement in the constitutional and legislative reform processes. The group included human rights defenders and civic activists from Kyiv and Kharkiv.

The group requested support from Europe to achieve reform and stabilisation of the country. With regard to civil society participation in the current reform processes, the group underlined that the form and institutional set-up for dialogue was at this stage less important than the receptiveness of government and parliament to the reform proposals elaborated by civil society. In the current situation, the dialogue had to be coupled with advocacy measures. The group asked the Conference of INGOs to facilitate sharing of good practice with civil society from other countries in order to develop sustainable mechanisms for NGO involvement in political decision making.

The group met also with the Secretary General, the Human Rights Commissioner, the Parliamentary Assembly’s Rapporteur on Ukraine and a representative of the Venice Commission.