Non-Governmental Organisations



      Strasbourg, 16 January 2014

      for the meeting on 29 January 2014
      from 9 am to 12.30 pm
      in Room G03, Agora

      1. Opening of the meeting, Annelise Oeschger, Chair of the Human Rights Committee

2. Draft agenda: for adoption

3. Draft synopsis of the meeting held on 25 June 2013 [CONF/HR(2013)SYN2]: for approval

4. Joint working project on “Combating hate speech, 2014-2016” by the Conference of INGOs and the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
Link to the draft decision: for information and decision, Marc Leyenberger, member of ECRI
Information on the Campaign against Hate Speech, Israël Mensah, Vice-Chair of the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges Committee.

5. The longer-term future of the European Convention on Human Rights and in particular of the European Court of Human Rights: for discussion on the issues involved, Jean-Bernard Marie, representative of the Conference of INGOs on the CDDH

6. The European Social Charter and its monitoring system: for discussion and action on the current priorities, Marie-José Schmitt, Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Committee, and Danuta Wisniewska-Cazals, European Social Charter Department

7. Two texts on “Human rights and religions”: for discussion and adoption, François Becker, head of the former Working Group (see also Recommendation of 27 June 2013)

a) Respecting and promoting human rights – Proposed avenues of approach and action for members and leaders of religions (link to the text)

b) Human rights and religions – Appeal to citizens and NGOs (link to the appeal)

8. Follow-up to the Recommendation “Gender Equality: a universal value, principle and human right to be respected and promoted in all fields”

- The role of men in achieving gender equality: for discussion, Jan Reynders, MenEngage

    - Side event during the June 2014 session on “Gender Based Violence as a Political Weapon”: for information, Anje Wiersinga, head of the working group “Women's and men’s participation in political and democratic processes”

9. Follow-up to "Sectarian excesses and violations of human rights" : for information, Danièle Muller-Tulli, Fecris

10. Preparations for 17 October 2014 – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: for information, Maritchu Rall, head of the working group “Extreme poverty and human rights”

11. The Committee of Ministers Recommendation on ensuring full, equal and effective participation of persons
with disabilities in culture, sports, tourism and leisure activities CM/Rec(2013)3 and

The preparation of a draft Additional Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, concerning the protection of the human rights and dignity of persons with mental disorder with regard to involuntary placement and treatment: for information, Marie-José Schmitt, Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Committee

12. Other business