Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

Calendar 2015
This calendar is regularly updated.
19-21, Malta Tunisian delegation study visit to Malta
20-22, Paris Preparatory meeting for the plenary Airports Group Meeting/Cybercrime/Precursors/General Aviation
26, Paris Preparatory meeting Gender Mildeca
27, Paris 1st 2015 Bureau meeting
27-28, Paris Needs assessment seminar preparatory meeting
2-4, Ukraine Advocacy workshop (TBC)
4-5, Moldova Launch of the Therapeutic Community in Prisons project
2-6, Malta Palestinian delegation study visit to Malta /OST
11, Paris MedSPAD Committee
12, Paris MedSPAD (Algiers, Tunis)
13, Paris MedSPAD Egypt
2-3, Rabat Round Table Morocco
11, Vienna Women in Focus: Social Reintegration as a Key to
Successful Recovery
12, Vienna Therapeutic Communities in Prison Success - a Model for Europe
9-13, Vienna Art Therapy and Drug Prevention in Prisons Exhibition
23-25, Ljubljana Needs assessment seminar
26-27, Ljubljana Qualifying seminar preparatory meeting

10, Strasbourg Launching of the South Programme II
16, Strasbourg Gender commission
21-22, Algiers Regional seminar on TSO
23-24, Pryluky Drugs in prisons (Ukraine)
27-28, Zagreb Workshop on Airport in South East Europe
19, Tunis 17th MedNET Plenary
20-21, Tunis Round Table Tunisia
25-29, Chisinau Therapeutic Communities in Prisons Training
27-28, Strasbourg 76th PC meeting
8-10, Oslo 1st meeting of the Expert Group on “Possible adverse effects and associated cost of drug control policies”
15-17, Bari Qualifying seminar
16-18, Strasbourg 2015 Plenary meeting of Airport Group
22, Tbilisi High level Round Table on Alternatives to Imprisonment for Drug Dependnent Offenders
2, Strasbourg PG presentation on drugs in prisons at CPT plenary meeting, Strasbourg
6-10, tbc International Mission to Ukraine on PTSD
9-10, Kiev Joint conference PG/UNOD/ State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine: “Effective response to HIV infections, AIDS, TB and other socially dangerous diseases in the penitentiary system of Ukraine”
27-28, Paris Review of OST Regulations
5-6, Cairo Round Table, Egypt
16-18, Prague Annual precursors meeting
16-18, Jerusalem 2nd meeting of the Expert Group on “Possible adverse effects and associated cost of drug control policies”
23-25, Lisbon Lisbon Conference
5, Paris MedSPAD Committee 4th Meeting
6, Paris 2nd Bureau Meeting
6-9, Chisinau Training III on TC methodology in prisons
4-6, Strasbourg Expert group - Cybercrime
17, Oslo Symposium on "Experiences with new evolutions in drug policy"
18-19, Oslo 77th Permanent Correspondents Meeting
10-11, Rome Conference on Drugs, Women and Violence
15-16, Paris 18th MedNET Plenary