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  Country profile: CROATIA

CEPEJ Member


National Correspondent


assistant Minister for the European Union and International Co-operation

European Union and International Co-Operation Directorate

Ministry of justice

 Ulica Grada Vukovara 49

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 1 3714 558

+385 1 3714 559

Ministry of Justice
European Affairs, International and Judicial Cooperation Directorate
Head of Service for the European Union
Grada Vukovara 49
10000 Zagreb
+385 1 3714 361
+385 1 3714 559
Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court

Director of the Judicial Academy of the Republic of Croatia
+ 385 1 6003 302
+385 1 6003 362

Municipal Court of Varazdin
B. Radic 2
+ 385 42 40 1832
+ 385 42 31 2563
Evaluation Exercise


Public and Private Justice Seminar and Conference

Seminar organised by the Inter-University Centre of Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik (Croatia), from 28 May to 1 June 2012, devoted to "Appeals and their impact on efficiency and fairness of civil justice".

Introduction to the Seminar and Conference
Link to the programme

Report - inventory of events organised in the framewrork of the 2011 European Day of Civil Justice (25 October) and Press review.

Translations of CEPEJ documents (if available):

Time management checklist (translated into Croatian)


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Legal texts (Codes, laws, regulations etc.)

    Gazette of the Republic of Croatia
Case-law of the higher court/s

    Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia
    Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia
    High Commercial Court
Other documents (e.g. forms)

    On-line Company Register of the Republic of Croatie at the Commercial Courts
    Notary Public Chamber

On the official website of the Ministry of Justice (link named “Victims of criminal offences) – whom to contact for advices and assistance?”. (list of courts where have been established the Offices for support to witnesses and victims as well as documents related to the implementation of the project “Assistance in the development of the system for support to witnesses and victims in the RC” which implemented the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the Republic of Croatie and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia).

Recent developments in the judicial field
Organisational chart of the system of justice