The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

President of the CEPEJ: John Stacey

John Stacey works within the Ministry of Justice and is currently part of the International Directorate and is head of International Development for Court Administration. Apart from the CEPEJ, Johnís responsibilities include negotiating international bi-laterals for judicial cooperation and undertaking projects to develop judicial systems across Europe.

John first started working for the Courts in England and Wales in 1970 and has held numerous posts including court management, policy development and head of Civil Operations for the Civil Courts. Over the years he has been involved in and seen many changes of which the most significant were the Civil Justice reforms introduced by Lord Woolf and the evolution of the Lord Chancellorís Department into the Department for Constitutional Affairs and now the Ministry of Justice.

Throughout his career he has tried to improve the citizenís ability to achieve access to justice by developing procedures where litigants could obtain redress without the need for lawyers. He was also one of the champions of introducing plain English into court documents removing many of the myths attached to legal proceedings.

John has been elected President of the CEPEJ in December 2010.