The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Strasbourg, 17 February 2014




Working Group on the evaluation of judicial systems


24th meeting - Draft agenda

Thursday 13 March (9.00) – Friday 14 March 2014 (18.00)

Strasbourg - Agora (Room G05)


1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Information by the members of the GT and the Secretariat

3. Implementation of the 2012 – 2014 evaluation

    1. Replies to the scheme : deadlines and calendar, management of questions and corrections /
    2. State of affairs regarding data collection and preparation of the data base
    3. Appointment of a statistician 
    4. Preparation of the pre-draft of the report: structure, distribution of tasks for the drawing up of the report
    5. Participation of the observers of the CEPEJ in the evaluation

Working documents
Scheme for evaluating judicial systems

Explanatory Note to the Evaluation Scheme

European judicial systems – Edition 2012

Draft structure of the CEPEJ evaluation report – Edition 2014
(under preparation)

Some possible tables and figures
List of tables and graphs
(under preparation)

4. Preparation of the 8th meeting of the National correspondents

5. Implementation of the peer evaluation cooperation process

      Peer’s evaluation in Jerusalem, Israel

        (23-24 March 2014)

      Peer’s evaluation in Estonia

        (date to be confirmed)

      Peer’s evaluation in Switzerland

        (date to be confirmed in September 2014)

6. Cooperation with the European Union

      EU Justice Scoreboard

        Working document
        Study on the functioning of judicial systems in the EU Member States

7. CEPEJ co-operation programs in the framework of the neighborhood policy (Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan)

8. Any other business

Reference document
Report of the 23rd meeting of the CEPEJ-GT-EVAL