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During its first meeting held in Strasbourg on 16 and 17 December 2004, the Bureau of the European Network for the Exchange of Information between Persons and Entities Responsible for the Training of Judges and Public Prosecutors - Lisbon Network (Austria, Finland - Chair, France, Romania and Turkey), in view of taking further actions, prepared and adopted three questionnaires to be sent to the Members of the Network.

The analysis which has been subdivided into three sections following the topical order of questionnaires - has the aim to provide information as to the answers given to the questionnaire by the delegations.2 Some analyses and reflections will be added to facilitate further work by the Bureau, the members of the Network, and the Council of Europe at large.

Analysis report

The first questionnaire was on the structural and functional features of training institutions of judges and prosecutors.
Questionnaire A

The second questionnaire related to the role of training institutions in recruitment and initial training of judges and prosecutors.
Questionnaire B

The third questionnaire was on the role of training institutions as regards inservice training of judges and prosecutors.
Questionnaire C


Composition of the Network

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Plenary meeting reports [1995 - 2008]

Expert reports

CEPEJ Resolution: strategy of the Network


Analysis report



Reference texts

Note on possible integration of the Lisbon Network within the CEPEJ's activity programme

Minimum Corpus of the Council of Europe standards